Cherished lives, Cherished futures: Join us in saving Malagasy children

Children of Madagascar: Challenges to Overcome

Emergency in Madagascar

In Madagascar, extreme poverty prevents far too many children from accessing a decent life, including quality healthcare and education. Premature and low-birth-weight babies, in particular, are exceptionally vulnerable, as specialized care is sorely lacking.

Transform Lives Together

Your support is crucial to transform the lives of Malagasy children. Every donation contributes to achieving this goal. Join our mission to bring hope and improvement to the lives of the most vulnerable in Madagascar. At Compassion Madagascar, we are fighting for the rights of every child to be respected.

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But a certain Samaritan, as he journeyed, came where he was: and when he saw him, he was moved with compassion.
Luke 10:33

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Our Vision

Towards a peaceful Malagasy society where children, mothers, pregnant women, youth, and families all enjoy their fundamental rights.

Our Mission

Contribute to improving the living conditions of the most vulnerable and to achieving the most vital and urgent sustainable development goals in Madagascar.

Our Achievements

Sick Children Supported for their treatment
Kangaroo Mother Care centers implemented
Children Supported in their Schooling

Our Goals

Children supported per year
Kangaroo Mother Care Centers all over Madagascar
Children Supported in their Schooling every Year

Current Projects


90% of sick children come from needy families. This project saves the lives of desperately ill children in Madagascar. It covers all costs related to medical and surgical treatment, as well as food, for these sick children who, without this help, would not have access to the health care they urgently need. 

Kangaroo Mother Care

The aim of this project is to promote and implement the Kangaroo Mother Care method in Madagascar. This method is designed to improve the healthcare provided to newborn babies aged 0 to 28 days who are premature and/or have low birth weight by placing them on the chest of their Mother, or any other person.

Education For All

It aims to give opportunity and enable Malagasy children to have a bright future by supporting them in their education. The aim of the project is to enable out-of-school children to return to school with nutritional support, knowing that a hungry belly has no ears. Sponsors choose the number of children they wish to support.

Sponsor a child now

Your sponsorship is a glimmer of hope for the many underprivileged children who await desperately. Together, let’s offer them a brighter future by supporting their education and essential needs.

Need more information ?

Join the cause: Unite for Children's Health!

Every healed child is a testament to your support. Be an actor in this positive change by offering your contribution. Together, let's move towards a horizon of healing for all.

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Compassion Madagascar, I would like to sincerely thank you for your hard work, support and commitment to sick children and needy families. Your contribution is essential to enable us to take care of these children.

Docteur Vonifanja

Doctor Vonifanja

Pediatrics, Befelatanana Hospital