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But a certain Samaritan, as he journeyed, came where he was: and when he saw him, he was moved with compassion.
Luke 10:33

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Poverty and Health Emergency in Madagascar
Madagascar is suffering from widespread poverty, which is a terrible hindrance to access to medical care. The most impoverished families are unable to afford the costs of vital medical treatments for their sick children. Selling valuable belongings or hoping for a miracle become the only options for these distressed families. This situation exacerbates the economic decline, plunging these households even deeper into extreme poverty, creating an absolutely dire situation.

The "Sunshine" Project:
Saving Lives, Instilling Hope

Since 2010, we are acting as a bulwark against this alarming reality. Inspired by the parable of the Good Samaritan, we seek financial contributions to cover urgent needs in cases of serious illness or high-risk medical situations. We frequently receive urgent requests from various hospitals across Madagascar. Many women urgently require cesarean sections for high-risk deliveries. Every contribution, regardless of the amount, has a significant impact on the lives of these individuals.

How You Can Help:  the Impact of Your Support 

Your donation makes a difference. With your support, we can provide essential medical treatments to those who desperately need it. Every penny contributes to providing vital care, medications, and surgical interventions for these sick children. With your generosity, we can expand our assistance, ensuring a healthier future for these young lives.

Your Donation, Their Hope

Your financial support is crucial to transform the lives of these vulnerable families. Every euro contributes to saving lives and offering tangible hope in difficult times.

With 1€, you enable a mother to care for her hospitalized child by providing a meal.

With 10€, you contribute to purchasing a box of pain relievers to alleviate a sick child’s pain.

With 100€, you fund a brain scan examination, aiding doctors in making a precise and quick diagnosis.

With 250€, you support the cost of a surgical intervention, providing a chance for healing to those in need.

Please join us in this noble cause. Make a donation today and bring hope to Madagascar.