Voary Malala: A Healing Journey in the Face of Cancer

1. Voary Malala and her Blood Cancer: The Family Ordeal in Ivandry

Voary Malala, a resident of Ivandry, was daily confronted with the challenges faced by her parents, a cook and a worker in a free trade zone. In March 2022, the devastating news of blood cancer also threw the family into a financial nightmare.

2. Compassion Madagascar: Financial and Nutritional Support

Compassion Madagascar’s response, fueled by donors’ generosity, brought a financial ray of hope. Costs of Voary’s treatment were covered, and nutritional support eased the family’s burden—a crucial alliance alleviating the struggle.

3. Toward Total Healing: Chemotherapy and Persistent Hope

In September 2023, generous donations enabled Voary to begin chemotherapy. She  now continues her treatment at home, with Compassion Madagascar covering all medical expenses. A persistent glimmer of hope lights the way in Voary’s journey.

Inspiration and Gratitude: The Path to a New Life

To Voary Malala, we extend our heartfelt wishes for complete healing and a radiant life. May her resilience inspire and illuminate the pathway for others. Compassion Madagascar, thanks to its Partners and Donors, remains the essential catalyst for these vital actions.

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