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But a certain Samaritan, as he journeyed, came where he was: and when he saw him, he was moved with compassion
Luke 10:33

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Madagascar and the Educational Emergency

Madagascar, an island of immeasurable natural and cultural richness, is facing a major challenge: ensuring access to quality education for its children and youth. With nearly half of its population aged between 0 and 14 years old, the country stands at a critical juncture. However, the future of these young individuals is jeopardized by alarming educational statistics.
1. Landscape of Education in Madagascar
The statistics are staggering: a report from the CIA World Factbook in 2005 reveals that 44.8% of the Malagasy population is aged between 0 to 14 years old, while 48% of individuals over 15 years old are illiterate. These numbers depict a harsh reality: a struggling educational system where only 57% of students complete their primary education, consequently condemning a significant portion of the children and the youth to an uncertain future, devoid of the necessary tools to thrive and develop their country.
2. The Roots of the Problem
On one hand, extreme poverty forces families to prioritize immediate needs, relegating the education of their children to a secondary position. The lack of stable employment opportunities and economic hardships drive numerous children to work in order to contribute to the family income, thereby sacrificing their education.
On the other hand, the government’s efforts to improve the educational system are hindered by budgetary constraints, leaving large segments of the  children and the youth without access to quality education. These deficiencies fuel a vicious cycle of vulnerability and lack of skills, compromising the socio-economic development of the country.
3. Education For All’s Response
Confronting this urgency, the Education for All Project has committed to making a difference. Our three education centers located in Antananarivo and Tuléar stand as beacons of hope for these underprivileged children. Unlike traditional schools, our educational teams take charge of their schooling and comprehensive education, while covering all associated costs and providing daily meals to ensure their well-being.
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4.Your Role in the Transformation
Your contribution is crucial. By sponsoring a child through the ‘Education for All’ Project, you become a crucial linchpin in this transformation. Your financial support ensures not only access to quality education but also provides nutritious meals for these young developing minds.
Together, we can change the future of thousands of children in Madagascar. Your donation is not just an investment in education, but an investment in building a better future for the entire country.

Please join us in this mission of hope through the ‘Education for All’ Project. Your action makes the difference.

Every drop of sweat from parents is a tear of hope, an immense effort to offer their children the education that they desperately need. Together, let us help them, as well as all these children who have no one to rely on. Please support the 'Education For All' Project by sponsoring a child now.